“The Spring Showdown, The On-The-Spot Challenge, & No More Friday Videos” – YouTube

Hey guys!!! Happy Thursday to you! Well, we our preparing for our last competition of the season. The Spring Showdown will take place at Legoland and I’m taking two teams. At the Spring Showdown, they’ll have a portion of the competition called The On-The-Spot Challenge….

Photography and a New Year’s Workout, in the Bonsai Zone, Jan 2018

An early start to season 5 of the Bonsai Zone, with a cold, but wonderful walk in the woods! It really put me and my Canon T5i to the test with today’s video in -22 C weather! Music by Jo San Productions…..https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCODk-KWU_78TW7y3eEWbCzw