DIY 3D Watermelon Pillow Of 6 Slices With Zippers – How To Make A Ball Watermelon Pillow With Slices

Easy way to make a NO-SEW ball-shaped watermelon pillow which consists of 6 natural-looking slices. Every watermelon slice has a zipper, so you can transform ball-shaped watermelon pillow into slices, or unzip just one or few of them. It is an interactive and construction pillow….

How To Make A 3D Construction Snowman Pillow – DIY Three-Dimensional Spheres Snowman Pillow

Easy way to make an absolutely adorable interactive, construction pillow. This Snowman consists of three parts – three ball shaped pillows which could be assembled in a snowman or disconnected for a three “snowballs” pillows. 🙂 In this video I also show how to make…