Blade Runner Style, Juniper Bonsai, The Bonsai Zone, May 2018

I’m creating a replicant of a bonsai tree featured in the 1982 movie, Blade Runner. The mica pot that I want to plant my Juniper bonsai in, has my Asparagus Fern bonsai in it. I’ll have to do some re arranging! To see the first…

Simple Pure CSS Spinners – YouTube

In this video we will be creating some simple pure CSS spinners or loaders using keyframes. Code: 💖 Become a Patron: Show support & get perks! Website & Udemy Courses Follow Traversy Media: Tweets by traversymedia

Tinkercad Custom Shapes 3D Printing Design Tutorial for Beginners

Chuck introduces you to a new feature in Tinkercad that makes creating custom shapes much easier and saves you time when doing 3D print designs. He also shows you a couple other somewhat hidden features that help speed things up when modifying a 3D design….

How To Create More Engaging Timelapses! Perfect for 3D Printing and Assembly Videos! – YouTube

My editor Sean takes us through his process for creating more engaging timelapses for my videos! Follow Sean on the Twitters: == Patrons in the HIGHFIVE club get access to my After The Five after show! = == Donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and…