Blade Runner Style Juniper Bonsai, The Bonsai Zone, Part 3, May 2018

I’m re potting my Juniper bonsai, and also making a few styling decisions to try and create a replicant style Bonsai. I hope to style this tree to resemble the bonsai trees in the 1982 movie Blade Runner. Music by Jo San…..

The Ficus lyrata is a terrible tree for Bonsai. Why I’m starting one! The Bonsai Zone April 2018

I’ve started a new bonsai tree that is native to the Western rainforests of Africa. I also update my Indian Rubber trees, pruning them for more ramification. Music is by Jo San….

#MRRF2018 Best Interview The Ari Show // Maker’s Muse Egg // Barnacules Nerdgasm

I forgot the best interview from MRRF 2018 in my last video, so here it is. Also, Makers Muse torture eggs, Barnacules Nerdgasm, Midknight Giant. ALL RIGHT HERE. 🙂 MRRF 2018 // The Greatest 3D Printing Show on the Planet The Ari Show: Barnacules…

LEARN: Angel’s Trumpet Lamp in Fusion360 – Forms and Sculpting @adafruit #adafruit

Model an organic flower shape in Fusion360 using forms and sculpting. Also featured: using basic shapes, offset planes, loft, revolve, thicken, boolean features and parametric modeling. Full tutorial including print settings and lamp and bulb source links on the Adafruit Learning System: Visit the…

Adam Savage’s Newly Machined Spacesuit Parts!

Adam shows off new spacesuit parts he machined for his A7L NASA replica! These parts are also the first he’s had annodized, and Adam can barely contain his excitement as he inspects their new brilliant finish and attaches them to his spacesuit! Shot by Gunther…

Planting Bonsai Trees in My 3D Printed Pots, Part 3, Feb 2018

My new 3D printed Vietnam style bonsai pot arrives! I also plant trees in both my Japanese style bonsai pot and in my Chinese style tray pot. Thanks to Spectra 3D for the 3D printed pot in nGen plastic. Home Music from the YouTube library…….

Adam Savage Opens His Imgur Secret Santa Gift! – YouTube

Adam is also participating in the Imgur Secret Santa gift exchange this year! His present has arrived, so let’s see what’s inside! Shot by Gunther Kirsch Subscribe for more videos! Follow us on Twitter: Get updates on Facebook: Tested is: Adam Savage…