“2018 Into Orbit: Food Production Mission M10 Completed With Educator Robot” – YouTube

Hey guys!!! I know I did a video on this mission before but the model wasn’t build correctly so I decided to re-do the mission. This video shows the Food Production Mission (M10) being completed with an educator robot for 16 points. Hope you enjoy!!

“What Did You Think Of Mr. Hino Being On Wheel of Fortune?” – YouTube

Hey guys!! This video is just asking what you thought if you caught me on “Wheel of Fortune. ” I can answer any questions you had about the show or what happened the day I taped the show. HereΕ› the link to the show. www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8whBdBi7n4

“2018 First LEGO League Into Orbit: Completing The 3-D Printing Mission With Educator Robot” – YouTube

Hey guys!!! Today’s video shows the 3-D Printing Mission (M03) completed with an educator robot. I used the regolith core sample brought back to base from the Extraction Mission to place into the 3-D Printer to release the 2X4 brick out for 18 Points. Hope…