Can You Get Pregnant While Already Pregnant?

Can You Get Pregnant While Already Pregnant?

If you’re already pregnant, it probably never crossed your mind that you might get pregnant again. 👶 Well, we don’t want to scare you, but it turns out that you can still get pregnant even if you already are. 😮 Want to find out how? Then watch our new video!

What double pregnancy is 1:05
How often it occurs in humans 1:33
How can it happen 2:05
What risks there are 2:43
When the chances of a double pregnancy occurring increase 3:17
How much money you could spend in your baby’s first year 6:37

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– Even “normal” pregnancies can take a lot out of you, so this sort of double pregnancy is a completely different beast. The name for this phenomenon is superfetation, and it’s when different offspring develop in different stages during the same gestational period.
– It’s extremely rare for superfetation to occur in humans, and there are only 10 documented cases. A recent case is that of Julia Grovenburg. In 2009, she conceived a daughter and a son 2.5 weeks apart.
– No one’s really sure why some embryos manage to get past these defenses, but some obstetricians think it has to do with the first embryo’s implantation into the uterine wall. If it gets delayed, then the spike in hormones that usually prevents a double pregnancy does too, opening a window of opportunity for a second embryo.
– This doesn’t present many risks for the older fetus, but the younger one will more than likely be born prematurely. The preterm twin will be smaller than its sibling and have a higher risk of certain birth defects and developmental delays.
– While superfetation is rare in humans, the chances of a double pregnancy occurring increase among those receiving hormones for IVF. Boosting your fertility with IVF stimulates your ovaries beyond normal levels, so they become more likely to release more eggs to be fertilized.
– You could spend as much as $8,000 in your baby’s first year. Necessities like food, diapers, and clothing don’t come cheap. Then you have to factor in a drop in income because of paternity and maternity leave.

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