9 of the Most Vicious Spiders In the World

9 of the Most Vicious Spiders In the World

Which are the most poisonous spiders? πŸ•· Can you die from a spider bite? 😱 Well, some of those small creatures can guarantee you a trip to the hospital or even heavier consequences. But what are these highly poisonous spiders, and how can you protect yourself? Don’t worry! We have all the answers! πŸ‘Œ

Yellow sac spider 0:50
Redback spider 1:50
Chinese bird spider 2:46
Brown recluse spider 3:40
Chilean recluse spider 4:37
Black widow spider 5:25
Sydney funnel-web spider 6:44
Six-eyed sand spider 7:38
Brazilian wandering spider 8:39

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– Cheiracanthium inclusum, or simply yellow sac, is a spider with a yellow-beige abdomen. Its size ranges from 0.11” to 0.39”, and it is considered to be responsible for the majority of bites in the world!
– It’s not hard to recognize the redback spider (Latrodectus hasseltii): it has a black body with a bright red stripe on the upper side of its abdomen.
– The Chinese bird spider, or Cyriopagopus schmidti, is one of the largest Asian spiders to be found in China and Vietnam. It has a dark yellow-brown body and reaches around 8” in size!
– Loxosceles reclusa, also known as the brown recluse spider, is one of the most poisonous spiders in the entire world! These guys reach up to 0.79” and love to hide in dark and warm places, especially behind furniture.
– While we’re on the topic of recluse spiders, let’s meet another one β€” Loxosceles laeta, or the Chilean recluse spider. These guys usually reach 1.5” in size.
– The black widow’s body can vary from 0.12” to 0.39” in length, and, just like pretty much all spider groups, female black widows rule the spider world, reaching an impressive 0.51″.
– Australia is widely known to be a home for tons of dangerous creatures, and the Sydney funnel-web spider (Atrax robustus) is certainly one of the scariest! The length of its body ranges from 0.4” to 2”, and they can be very frequent guests of your pool or garage.
– Six-eyed sand spiders aren’t that aggressive either, but if they decide to attack, it’s better to run away as quickly as possible since toxicology studies show that this spider’s venom is the most poisonous out of any spider!
– Brazilian wandering spider is definitely not to be messed around with. Not only is it naturally aggressive but it’s also not 1”…or 2”…but 6” in size!

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