What If Cirein-Cròin Sea Monster Was Real?

What If Cirein-Cròin Sea Monster Was Real?

What if the Cirein-cròin from Scottish folklore was real? 😱 Just be glad this monster doesn’t exist; you’d never wanna go swimming in the sea ever again! 🚷 Our world would be a terrifying place! Watch our new video for all the scary details!

How Scottish folklore describes the Cirein-cròin 1:33
What if the Cirein-cròin was real? 3:02
What about other mythical sea creatures? 4:53
The Kraken 5:05
The Sirens 6:42
The Loch Ness Monster 8:31

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– Scottish folklore describes the Cirein-cròin as a giant sea monster. As for its exact size in feet or pounds, can’t tell ya! But the old Gaelic legend says, “Seven herrings: a salmon’s fill, seven salmons: a seal’s fill, seven seals: a whale’s fill, and seven whales: a Cirein-cròin’s fill.
– What if the Cirein-cròin was out there happily swimming in the sea? First of all, forget about any beach vacation! Secondly, and more importantly, there’d be very few (if any at all) fishermen for the same reasons.
– According to Nordic folklore, the Kraken mostly goes for ships, attacking vessels or simply swimming in huge circles around them to drag them down into the water. Apparently, the Kraken has a taste for human flesh just like any other sea monster. Legend says that it would devour a ship’s entire crew in one deadly gulp!
– The Sirens would hypnotize sailors with their sweet singing voices, making them crash their ships on the reefs near the Sirens’ cliffy islands. What followed was the sailors’ untimely demise. As for their appearance, according to Greek mythology, they were basically half-woman half-bird.
– In 565 C.E. the giant monster is said to have emerged from Loch Ness Lake in Scotland and attacked a local farmer. Saint Columba, an Irish missionary, witnessed the whole thing, and just as the beast was about to take its next victim, Columba held up his hand in the sign of the cross and ordered the creature to back off.

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