12 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

12 Things You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

What shouldn’t you throw in a toilet? 🚽 Plumbers discover plastic bottles, bricks, and even clothes there. 😨 Of course, you and I won’t try to flush down such things down the toilet. But who would have thought that even the most harmless things like dental floss or toilet paper can end up clogging a pipe? 🤔

Toilet paper 0:50
Dental floss 2:15
Chewing gum 2:51
Fish 3:19
Band-Aids 4:12
Contact lenses 4:29
Cat feces 5:15
Chlorine bleach 5:36
Face masks 6:08
Tea leaves 6:35
Plastic bags 6:51
Products that say you can throw them down the toilet 7:20

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– In different countries, people have different attitudes toward the problem of toilet paper disposal. Traveler Matt Kitson created an entire website where he tells you about the countries where you shouldn’t do this.
– Dental floss may seem harmless when it comes to dumping it down the toilet. However, it is made of fibrous material, which is why it can pile up inside pipes and form clogs.
– Chewing gum doesn’t dissolve in water, and it can also stick to pipes and form a clog. This is why you should never get rid of gum this way.
– In Canada, the authorities have asked citizens not to throw live fish down the toilet because when they eventually reach a pond, they kill the local fish.
– A regular Band-Aid that covers your battle wounds so well is made of a lot of different things: fats, wax, rubber, and other ingredients. Such a “cocktail” obviously doesn’t dissolve in water and can clog the pipes in your house.
– Сontact lenses are made of polymers that don’t decompose for many years. Of course, a tiny lens probably won’t block a pipe, but it will definitely harm the environment.
– Experts don’t recommend throwing away cat litter. After a few hours, the litter will solidify and get stuck somewhere in the pipe.
– Chlorine-based detergents are very aggressive, so aggressive that they can damage the pipes if you use them too often.
– Clay-based face masks should not be washed down the toilet. The small particles will eventually pile up on the inside of the pipes and create a huge clog.
– Despite the fact that tea leaves seem small and completely harmless, they’re actually not. Over time, tea leaves pile up inside the pipes and form clogs that are very hard to remove.
– Even the smallest pieces of plastic bags can be dangerous: they form clogs, and, of course, they are really dangerous to the environment.
– The information on the pack saying that toilet paper is safe to flush down the toilet is, most of the time, just a marketing ploy.

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