How Long Parental Leave Lasts in Different Countries

How Long Parental Leave Lasts in Different Countries

How long should parental leave be? ๐Ÿ‘ถ Studies have shown that it’s beneficial for a babyโ€™s development. ๐Ÿ‘ And itโ€™s not just beneficial for the child but for new parents, either. Watch our new video to see which countries support the researches and which ones still need to catch up.

Iceland 0:56
Belgium 1:29
Portugal 2:00
Russia 2:30
China 2:56
Finland 3:32
Norway 4:30
Denmark 4:58
Great Britain 5:26
Sweden 6:07

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– Iceland has what it calls the โ€œ3-3-3โ€ formula: 3 months of leave are given to the mother, 3 months to the father, and 3 months remain to share between both parents.
– What really puts the cherry on top of the cake for Belgian moms is that they can take an additional 8 months of leave, in which they would be required to work part-time and could leave work early to take care of their babies.
– A parent in Portugal can take 120 days of leave. If both parents want to take leave, they can take a shared 150 days.
– A great aspect of leave in Russia is that paid leave can be extended in cases of multiple births. This allows mothers to be on leave for up to 3 years and still hold on to their jobs!
– Chinaโ€™s parental leave policies have been in flux in recent years, and their leave lengths vary by province and region. On average, maternity leave is increasing and is now set at 138โ€“158 days.
– For expectant parents, Finland is a dream come true. Mothers can start their maternity leave approximately 50 days before their due date.
– Norway makes the other countries jealous when it comes to parental leave! Mothers can enjoy 35 long weeks with their babies and cherish all those little moments in their childโ€™s first days.
– Denmark is all about the moms. Mothers can take 4 weeks of leave before their baby is born. They can also take 14 weeks after that, and the best part is that they get their full pay.
– British mothers must take an obligatory 2 weeks of leave right after their baby is born, which means that fathers and mothers can split a period of 50 weeks to take care of the baby.
– The Swedish are one of the most generous in the world when it comes to parental leave. Parents can take a combined total of 480 days to spend with their child.

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