Multi-Color 3D Printing – Creality CR-X Review

Multi-Color 3D Printing - Creality CR-X Review

In today’s video I “review” the Crelaity CR-X 3D printer and explain why the work behind multi-extrusion models are a pain to deal with. The dual extrusion on the CR-X can be extremely useful! It will allow you to make interesting patterns using different colors and materials with different properties to interact with each other. A perfect example of this is by using PVA supports which you can easily dissolve using water. Genuinely useful prints can be made mixing hard and soft plastics, like PLA and TPU.

Creality CR-X:
Creality Ender 3:
XINKEBOT Orca Cygnus:

2 colors bull STL:

An actual good guide of how to use Meshmixer:

Nekzlo – Pink Ocean
Ikson – Island
Childhood – Mike Chino


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