7 Things Your Tootsies Will Thank You for Doing

7 Things Your Tootsies Will Thank You for Doing

How to care of your feet? How to keep them in good condition? We usually spend a lot of time and effort making sure our skin, hair, and clothes look perfect. But for some reason we don’t show the same amount of love to our feet! So, before you step out the door, make sure you’re following these 7 steps for healthy and flawless feet!

Get pedicures 1:06
Choose the right footwear 1:48
Do foot exercises 3:05
Massage your feet 4:53
Eat right 5:41
Don’t smoke 6:31
Have a foot-care regimen 7:30

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– Avoid pedicures if you have any insect bites or scratches. The basins used for pedicures can collect bacteria that can enter the body through broken skin, potentially leading to a serious infection.
– Spending a lot of time walking with your foot bent as such an angle can easily leave you with joint and muscle stiffness, foot pain, and even ankle and foot damage.
– You can also add a couple of exercises to your workouts that are specifically for your feet! Here’s a great one you should try: sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and position a rubber band around both of your big toes.
– A great foot massage is another key to healthy and beautiful feet. But don’t worry about blowing money on the pros; you can totally learn how to perform them yourself!
– If your feet constantly swell up, try to cut way down on your salt intake and include more protein in your menu. You can find it in eggs, chicken breasts, oats, Greek yogurt, and broccoli, to name a few.
– Smoking is incredibly harmful for your whole body, and your feet are no exception. The thing is, it damages the blood vessels in your extremities, leading to circulation problems.
– Foot care specialists recommend applying an oil-based cream twice a day after the shower or a pedicure.

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