What If You Were Immortal?

What If You Were Immortal?

What if one day you were suddenly granted immortality? This thought has crossed your mind before, right? But on the off chance that it hasn’t, let’s run through a few scenarios and try to figure out how your life would be without the threat of death!

Resisting disease and aging 1:04
Recovering from any amount of physical harm 2:30
You could become a professional donor 4:08
You could become a rescue worker 5:03
You could get a job in Hollywood 5:45
What next? 6:42
So, is it really worth it? 7:31

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– You’ll probably heal better than us mere mortals, but a freak accident, like a cartoony piano falling out of a window, or some kind of catastrophe can still kill you. You don’t have to worry about heart disease or anything, but you still have to look both ways before crossing the street!
– You can go skydiving, hang-gliding, BASE jumping, climb Mount Everest: the possibilities are literally endless! All of that daredeviling might get boring after a while, though.
– Blood, tissue, and organ donations are always in high demand, and with a body full of cells that can regenerate, you’ve basically got an endless supply. The average organ donor can save up to 8 lives and improve the lives of 50 others.
– If you still wanna do some good, but blood donation is no longer a viable option, you could become a rescue worker, like a firefighter or EMT. Your regenerating cells would enable you to charge in at the end, when the fire’s blazing too hot and the building has become too unstable to risk your team’s safety.
– Stunt work is very difficult and extremely dangerous, so your services as someone the studio wouldn’t have to worry about dying on set would be in very high demand. It’d be cheaper for them to hire you too, since they wouldn’t have to pay for insurance!
– Maybe you’d like to visit your ancestral lands or all the popular vacation destinations and tourist attractions around the world? Perhaps you could knock a few of the World Heritage sites off your to-do list. Take a tour across each of the seven continents, explore the five oceans if you want; you’ve got all the time in the world!
– We depend on others for emotional support and mentally stimulating interaction. Sure, you could get plenty of that in this immortal life of yours, but could you deal with so much loss? You might just end up isolating yourself like a hermit, hiding away from the rest of the world and becoming a legend that kids use to scare each other around the campfire.

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