14 Crazy Facts About Men’s Bodies You’d Better Know

14 Crazy Facts About Men’s Bodies You'd Better Know

What are the differences between male and female bodies? Besides the obvious, of course. There are actually a lot of processes happening in the background that make the 2 genders very different. Perhaps some of these facts will be a revelation to you! Keep watching to check out how men’s bodies compare to women’s and how they fare on their own.

When men listen, they only use half their brain 1:18
Men have poor night vision 2:08
Men are more likely to be left-handed 2:35
Men have more blood than women 3:16
Men are not affected by cellulite 3:37
Men sleep better than women 4:17
It is easier for a man to lose weight 5:02
Men see moving objects better than still ones 5:30
Men’s senses are different to women’s 6:06
Men are more likely to get a fat belly 6:36
Men have a weaker immune system 7:05
Men usually have a bigger bladder 7:42
A man’s body produces more oil 8:10
Men’s bodies are warmer 8:33

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– The researchers believe that if a woman has a stroke on the left side of her brain, she might recover her ability to manage language faster than a man would.
– If a man is on a really dark road with a female companion, she might have a better chance of driving through safely.
– A meta-analysis of 144 studies concluded that men have a 1.23% higher chance of being left-handed than women.
– Men have it easy when it comes to cellulite as only about 10% of them develop it. This affects the 2 genders differently because men and women have different ratios of muscles, fat, and connective tissues in their bodies.
– A leading sleep expert from a sleep research center in the UK claims that women need an average of 20 minutes more sleep time than men. This is because a woman’s brain can often be focused on multitasking and, therefore, needs more recovery time.
– Men don’t have to do any exercise to burn more calories than women. On average, men have more muscle than women, and that’s why their bodies burn 20% more calories.
– A study on men’s vision asked men to track fast-moving black bars and decide whether they moved left or right. Men were able to make the right call in only a tenth of a second; women took over 25% longer to decide the direction of the bars.
– Men got the short end of the stick when it comes to color perception. Numerous studies have shown that men have a hard time distinguishing shades in the middle of the color spectrum (blues, greens, and yellows). Women, on the other hand, can recognize tiny differences in shades.
– High testosterone causes a lower immune response when it comes to vaccinations for influenza and other infectious diseases. The female hormone estrogen increases the immune system’s inflammation; the male hormone testosterone decreases it.
– Men usually have a bigger bladder. This is why you often see scores of women waiting in line for the bathroom, but the men’s bathroom is empty. Because of their bigger bladders, men need to empty them less often than women.
– Men’s bodies contain 1.5 times more oil and sweat glands than women’s. That’s why a man’s skin might look more oily.

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