How Titanic Sank: The Story You Didn’t Know

How Titanic Sank: The Story You Didn't Know

Did you know the Titanic had two sister ships? Or that events leading up to and the day of its maiden voyage actually sealed the ship’s fate? The Titanic’s story is one that will live on for the ages, so if you’re ready to learn some amazing new facts about the Titanic, its passengers, and its tragic end, then keep on watching!

What the Titanic’s interior was inspired by 1:57
How many lifeboats the Titanic carried 3:35
Why the Titanic shouldn’t have been on the waters in the first place 4:52
How much time the crew had to avoid a collision 5:42
How much time the Titanic stayed afloat for 6:48
Why the ship’s baker, Charles Joughin, survived 8:34
Why the exact number of people who lost their lives has never been agreed 9:16


– Masses of workers started building the Titanic at a Belfast, Ireland shipyard in March 1909 and managed to complete it 3 years later. RMS Titanic, at 882 feet long and as tall as a 17-story building, was the largest movable human-made object of the time.
– Most of the passengers were third class. There were around 700 of them, and they paid just $20 to make the transatlantic crossing.
– But in reality, the Titanic shouldn’t have been on the waters in the first place. Experts have now discovered that the ship’s hull had been weakened by a huge fire that broke out during the construction process three weeks before the date of departure.
– After the impact, the captain sent out distress signals, which were picked up by the Carpathia, one of Cunard’s ships. The Carpathia immediately sailed at full speed to the rescue while trying to avoid icebergs itself.
– The Titanic actually stayed afloat for almost 3 hours. During that time, families were separated as women and children were loaded onto the lifeboats first, as the law of the sea dictated.
– The survivors of the Titanic were rescued by RMS Carpathia at 4am and taken to New York, where they were greeted by 40,000 people.
– The exact number of people who lost their lives in the catastrophe has never been agreed upon since the original passenger and crew list had a lot of misspellings and didn’t include the members of the band.

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