Will You Ever Be Rich? A Quick Personality Test

Will You Ever Be Rich? A Quick Personality Test

Money isn’t everything, and the best things in life are free, right? No argument here! But it can be a little hard to enjoy life when you’re broke. Maybe your financial troubles are just a temporary problem? After you finish this test, you’ll know for sure if you’ll ever be rich!

1. You’ve just won a fortune in the lottery! What do you do next? 1:01
2. Imagine you can have only two qualities. Which ones will you choose? 1:53
3. Let’s say you get $20 a day for lunch at work or school. What do you do with this cash? 2:31
4. You really really wanna buy something expensive. What do you do? 3:17
5. You have two weddings to attend next week, but you only have one nice outfit. What will you do? 4:03
6. What kind of cell phone do you have right now? 4:50
7. What level of education would you like to have? 5:37
8. What if someone gave you $1 million tomorrow? 6:19
9. What would you do with an extra 100 bucks? 7:02
10. How do you feel about your current job or how do you think you will feel about it once you enter the workforce? 7:38

Music: https://www.youtube.com/audiolibrary/music

– If your final score is 100 to 150 points, you’ll have to run on Saving Mode. Perhaps that’s because of a low-paid job or the fact that you blew through your last pay check on an elaborate shopping spree.
– If your final score is 160 to 220 points, you’ll enjoy Financial Comfort. Sure, you won’t be rolling in cash, but your life will be pretty comfortable financially.
– And if your final score is 230 to 300 points, go look in a mirror! Can you see a Future Millionaire?

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