What Would You Choose to Survive? 4 Hardest Dilemmas Ever

What Would You Choose to Survive? 4 Hardest Dilemmas Ever

Have you ever wondered how you’d fare if you were in a life-and-death situation? The world is such a crazy place these days, you never know what might happen to you and what tips can save your life. How’s your knowledge of toxic gases? We have put together 4 scenarios to test your survival skills.

Swallowed by the ground 0:50
Bear encounter 3:48
Lethal choices 5:54
Under the sea 8:11


-Imagine that you plunge down 10 ft into a cave. There are 2 paths ahead of you, and you can see light shining through them. You take a look down Path A and see that it’s full of snakes; Path B is full of spiders. Unless you’re a snake lover, you have a tough choice ahead of you.
-Bear encounters can result in injuries to people or their pets. You’ve heard that if you encounter a bear, you should play dead. But then you remember that it’s only applicable if a grizzly is attacking you and feels threatened. You can see that your car is close and are unsure of how to handle the situation. So what would you do? Would you run or walk to your car?
-Imagine that a crazy scientist has locked you in a room and is testing your knowledge of lethal substances. The only way you’ll get to leave is if you choose the substance that is the least harmful. Bottle #1 contains a solid substance called tetrodotoxin. Bottle #2 contains a substance called Botox. Bottle #3 contains a substance called BZ. Which one would you pick?
-Imagine waking up to find yourself in an underwater facility. You need to make your way back up to the surface. You are in a room with 3 vials. One vial will help you breathe underwater and get back up to the surface; the other 2 are lethal. They are all filled with gases that you can’t see — but you can smell them. Which one will you choose?

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