13 Things In a Man’s Wardrobe You Need to Forget

13 Things In a Man’s Wardrobe You Need to Forget

How to Dress in Style. How to sort your wardrobe? How to know what’s in and what looks great on men? What to wear and what not to wear? Men’s fashion changes just as quickly as women’s. So it’s no wonder that your favorite outfit, which seems so cool today, can quickly become untrendy. To always look smart, you have to follow some simple style tips that are sure to help you change tour wardrobe and style for the better.

A button-down shirt under a thin sweater 0:57
Suits that look like curtains 1:48
Deep V-neck T-shirts 2:35
Skinny jeans 3:19
Knit sportswear in the city 3:57
Cargo shorts 4:36
A leather winter coat with fur 5:28
A winter coat with a classic suit 6:09
A leather jacket with a lot of embellishments 7:01
Belts with huge buckles 7:54
A contrast between shoes and socks 8:36
Straw hats 9:13
Necklaces 9:56


-The most important rule is to try it on a thicker sweater with the shirt to make sure they look good together and you feel comfortable.
-Modern trends are all about simplicity and comfort, so having suits that looks like curtains in your wardrobe won’t be necessary anytime soon.
-Replace your deep V-neck with a simple cotton T-shirt. It suits everybody and has its own cool and macho vibe.
-Skinny jeans turned out to be a fleeting fad. The best thing you can do today is store them away and wait for this trend to return.
-Instead of choosing clothes for sporting activities, buy yourself some cotton pants with a side stripe.
-Cargo shorts are often made of noisy synthetic materials, and their huge pockets usually make a person’s hips look bigger.
-Leather tends to make everyone look like a rock star, but this rule doesn’t work for winter coats with fur.
-The combination of classic shoes, a suit, and a sporty winter puffer coat looks ridiculous, especially with a briefcase.
-Rhinestones, spikes, and lots of zippers are one of the biggest anti-trends for both men and women.
-Super-shiny buckles with embellished rhinestones are hard to miss, but it’s a huge don’t in any fashion book.
-The contrast of bright and dark shades looks ridiculous and destroys the entire image. If you usually wear socks with sneakers, choose short cotton socks.
-Think about incorporating a stylish baseball cap into your wardrobe. They’re extremely trendy now, and they look amazing on almost everybody.
-Wearing necklaces is still fashionable – as long as they’re not very short or made out of wood and shells. The same thing goes for massive rings and large gold chains.

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