How Famous Characters and People See the World | 360 VR

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How Famous Characters and People See the World | 360 VR

How to See the World from a Different Angle. In case it seems like you’ve done it all, seen it all, and the world feels like a boring place to be in, how about you look at it through someone else’s eyes? Someone else’s, like Superman’s or Sherlock Holmes’? Or maybe you’ve been dreaming to be able to switch between different vision modes like the Predator? And how about you get the ability to see in total darkness like Riddick? Or what if you turned into a vampire for a bit? Famous artists also had a pretty peculiar vision and you can feel yourself a little Van Gogh or get in Andy Warhol pop art mode! Let’s give it a go. All you have to do is look at screen as you see one and the same space through the eyes of different movie and book characters and painters.

Iron Man 0:21
Neo, Matrix 0:51
Lion Alex 1:22
Vincent Van Gogh 1:51
Predator 2:22
Terminator 2:52
Ants in My Eyes Johnson 3:22
Sherlock Holmes 3:54
Riddick 4:22
M&M’s 4:54


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