10 Facts About Estonia That Put It Ahead of Other Countries

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10 Facts About Estonia That Put It Ahead of Other Countries

Located on the Baltic Sea in the northeastern part of Europe, Estonia is a relatively small country with a population of just 1.3 million. While the history of the area goes way back to ancient Viking times, the actual Republic of Estonia is a mere 27 years old. However, there are 10 surprising unexpected facts about Estonia that put it ahead of the rest. From electronic passports to robot delivery and free public transport – you have every reason to make Estonia your next travel destination, or maybe even your new home.

Tech-savvy school curriculum 1:00
Electronic passports 1:49
Voting from home 2:16
Free public transport 2:50
The country of start-ups 3:45
Anyone can become a resident of Estonia 4:32
Time-saving technology 5:20
Reserve and pay parking online 6:23
Internet access everywhere 7:14
Robot delivery 7:52


-In 2012, Estonia launched a pilot project called The ProgeTiiger Initiative to teach computer programming to kids in Grades 1 through 12.
-Since 2001, Estonians have been able to travel within the European Union using an electronic digital ID card.
-Estonia was the first nation in the world to introduce online voting. They haven’t had to go to a polling station to vote since the launch of this “iVoting” or “Internet Voting” as they call it, in 2005.
-In 2013, Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, became the first city in the world to offer totally free public transport. You have to be a registered Tallinn resident and buy a transit pass for 2 Euros.
-In June 2017, Estonia was ranked third in Europe for the highest number of start-ups per capita, with 31 start-ups per 100,000 residents.
-You can become an e-resident of Estonia without much effort either. All you have to do is apply online.
-Estonia’s digital ID is a powerful tool that made 4,000 types of services available electronically: from doing your taxes to paying for a traffic violation.
-Estonians don’t have to worry about not being able to find a parking spot because they can do that online too.
-You can connect to free Wi-Fi in most hotels, cafes and restaurants, public places like parks, railway stations, and airports, and even in alleys and on beaches.
-According to Starship’s site, their delivery robot can travel within a 2-mile radius and can be tracked with a smartphone.

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