Maker Update: Spider Clock

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Maker Update: Spider Clock

This week on Maker Update, an LED filament clock, a pool noodle robot rover, a scream that screams back at you, a motorized Flippy crawler, 7 vintage toy robot designs you can 3D print, a project packaging generator, and a mini metal chop saw.

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++Show Notes [Maker Update #89]++

Donald’s Let’s Robot (work in progress)

-=Project of the Week=-

“Charlotte’s Web” Style LED Filament Clock by andypugh

Old Led Light Bulbs Give Up Filaments For Spider Web Clock
Old LED Light Bulbs Give Up Filaments for Spider Web Clock

-=More Projects=-

Crickit Paddle Wheel Boat by Ruiz Bros.

The Scream: Interactive Screaming Painting by John Park

Flippy the “Robot” by make-a-roni

Mr. Mech 3d printed robot. walking with moving arms and mouth. by RobotHut

Type 1 walking Robot Man by RobotHut

RoBox , 3d printed walking robot, moving Arms, Head and meter. by RobotHut

Big Max 3d printed walking robot by RobotHut

Rocking Body Walking Robot Drone #5 by RobotHut

Mr. Servo remix by RobotHut

Alpha-Rama biped robot by RobotHut


Tiffany Tseng’s online box creator

Silicone Mold Casting By Shawn Thorsson

Use Silicone to Make Casting Molds

Tips of the week by Gareth Branwyn

Tips of the Week: Crayon Finishes, Kitchen Hammers, Bathing Your Boards, and Great from Harbor Freight

Klutch Angle Grinder Holder Review

-=Maker Faires=-

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