Any Couple Needs a Break from Civilization

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Any Couple Needs a Break from Civilization

Every now and then, we all need a break from work, bit city life and civilization altogether. The wild and free mother nature is calling! The avocado couple is no exception and they leave the city behind to get some fresh air. Their adventures in the wild start as soon as they get off road. From setting up a tent (everyone claims to be an expert but almost no one can actually do it) to getting surprise wildlife visitors, cooking the best food ever that’ll lead to some unexpected consequences – you’re sure to recognize yourself and your special someone in this video.
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On highways 0:37
Off roads 0:47
Women vs men packing 1:01
Setting up a tent 1:20
Surprise visitors 1:47
Mastering the axe 2:03
Mosquito incident 2:24
Fun in the water 2:32
Picking wood 2:46
Scary campfire stories 3:07
Love in a hammock 3:29
Best food ever 3:44
Meaningful photography 4:08
Campfire romance 4:25
Mosquito attacks 4:50
Back to civilization 5:01


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