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I bet that everyone has a lot of old toys at home. In the majority of cases, they are piled up in a garage without bringing any joy to anyone. However, it’s better not to get rid of old toys– you can actually turn them into something awesome, make a cool present for your friends, decorate your home, or spend a rainy day doing something interesting. Watch this life hack video and turn your old toys into something awesome! Moreover, recycling helps this planet. The fewer things you throw away – the better.

A good old teddy bear can be a perfect secret stash. All you have to do is cut oof the toy’s head (OMG!) and put a glass jar inside. Use a head as a lid and store anything you want inside.

Old toy soldiers can be turned into a designer masterpiece. Place them between two bowls and bake carefully with the supervision of your parents. As a result, you can get a cool bowl. The coolest part about it is that it’s really unique. You easily turn other old toys into something new and attractive – just check how we upcycled those plastic toy cows or a dinosaur.

A miniature swimming pool is just what you need to relax (especially, if you can’t go to a real swimming pool for some reason). It’s really easy to make it and it’s so true to life! Repeat after us and make your own piece of paradise.

You can also make a cool decorative dragon’s egg using pins and nail polish. And patience. A lot of patience.

If you’re not allowed to have fish at home, you can always make an aquarium. It looks just like a real one.

Watch this video till the end to learn how to make a DIY guitar and a cool remotely controlled car!


1:43 – A cool way to recycle old toys
3:08 – Miniature swimming pool
7:31 – Yarn painting
11:25 – Moving toy

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