10 Shopping Tricks You Must Know to Get Good Products

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10 Shopping Tricks You Must Know to Get Good Products

How to Save Money and Get the Best Quality Products. All we want is safe, fresh, good quality food from the grocery store. A lot of food manufacturers and retailers out there care more about profits, and they’ll do anything to cut costs, even if it means risking your well-being. That’s why we’re here to share some simple life hacks to let you know what to look for to always get the best quality product for your money.
With a careful eye for detail and a little bit more effort, you’ll be coming home from the grocery store with only the tastiest, safest, best-quality foods on the shelf.

Don’t fall for the “convenience” of prepackaged items. 0:51
Be alert in the deli department. 1:32
Check the condition of the packaging. 2:28
Carefully examine all goods, especially fresh ones. 2:57
Beware of brightly colored goods. 4:20
Take time to look around for the goods you need. 5:56
Understand the labels literally. 6:45
Be wary of foods labeled “organic”. 7:30
Choose local goods. 8:16
Ask store workers for their advice. 8:42


-Think twice before reaching for individually packaged foods that were sliced or prepared in the deli. It’s highly probable that these foods are expired or just about to go bad.
-When choosing a salad, remember that those with meat or fish expire way faster than vegetable ones. Salads with oil dressings are safer than ones dressed with mayonnaise.
-Any visible damage can be a sign of improper storage, transporting in the wrong conditions, and even expiration.
-Ask the person working the meat counter to take a piece that you like out of the display so that you can look at it yourself. You’ll be shocked by how different it can look under normal lighting.
-Fruits and vegetables that were grown naturally in soil normally have a duller color, spots, and other imperfections on the peel. Truly natural cheese is always white or pale yellow.
-Don’t be lazy! Reach for the back of the shelf in order to buy fresher and better quality foods.
-Funny names are meant to disguise and sell a cheap, low-quality equivalent of a real product.
-For fresh produce like fruits and vegetables, check the Price Look Up (or PLU) sticker. It should have a 5-digit code that starts with the number 9, like 94401.
-It’s better to buy locally-sourced goods because long transportation and possible violations of carriage conditions can influence their taste and quality.
-Use your chance to ask a store worker about the goods you’re looking for, like where you can find them, how fresh they are, and when the next batch will arrive.

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