22 Secrets Hotel Managers Don’t Want You to Know

22 Secrets Hotel Managers Don't Want You to Know

How to Get the Best Deals on Hotels. If you love to travel and want to get the best out of your hotel experience for your money, this video is just for you since it has all the tips and hotel secrets that will help you save money and get maximum comfort. How to get discounts and bonuses from hotels? How to get early check-in and late check-out? What services should be given to you for free and how to travel with your pet? How often should you get fresh linens? You’ll find answers to all these and other important questions in this video.

How to use booking websites 0:44
How to get the best deals on hotels 1:05
How to get discounts and bonuses 1:26
How to save money if you’re staying for half a day 1:43
How to access your room early or leave after check-out 2:09
Always mention the real number of guests 2:46
Don’t forget your ID 3:11
What to do if you forgot your ID 3:53
How to get special treatment 4:23
How to get the best entertainment 4:40
How to get free services 4:55
How to get free stuff 5:12
How to get extra linen or towels 5:38
How to travel with your pet 5:51
How to save on breakfast 6:22
How to get the best breakfast 6:31
How to get a lunch box 6:59
Sanitary and hygienic standards 7:21
Make sure you have fresh linens 7:35
How to get your room cleaned 7:53
How to get additional cleaning and laundry 8:11
How to get fresh linen and towels 8:16


-Special apps like Trivago will help you find the best deal.
-Once you’ve found a good deal, you can call the hotel and tell them you’re ready to pay a certain price for the room you found online.
-Hotels appreciate guests who make the hotel their favorite.
-Ask the hotel directly for a half-day option.
-If you want to access your room early or leave after the given check-out time, be sure to ask whether it’s possible in advance.
-The hotel can provide an extra bed or cot for little guests without a problem, but you should let them know that you need it before you arrive.
-If you’re traveling within the US, it won’t hurt to have a photo ID on you since different states have different legislation regarding this matter.
-Sometimes calling your family and asking them to photograph the necessary documents might help you out, especially if you’ve stayed at the hotel before.
-If you’re celebrating your birthday while staying at a hotel or you’re on your honeymoon, don’t forget to let them know.
-We recommend using the services of the pool, sauna, gym, children’s playroom, and so on in the morning.
-You can ask hotel staff to be your personal alarm clock, order a taxi, or reserve a table in a restaurant.
-Hotels often provide free-of-charge items such as a heater, fan, kettle, iron, phone charger, sewing kit, umbrella, and so on.
-If you need an extra blanket, pillow, or towel, do not hesitate to ask for it.
-It’s possible to stay with pets in many places as long as you leave a cash deposit when checking in.
-If you prefer to bring your own breakfast, be sure to choose the fare without it as it will be cheaper for you.
-Before you choose to include meals at the hotel in your stay, read the reviews on the internet regarding just that.
-Inform the hotel staff that you’ll need breakfast to go to get a lunch box.
-There are generally accepted sanitary and hygienic standards, which most hotels try to follow.
-Immediately inform the manager if the linen hasn’t been changed after the pervious guests.
-It is generally accepted that for the duration of your stay, your room is cleaned every day.
-You’ll have to pay extra for additional cleaning and laundry.
-Guests get new bed linen and towels throughout their stay at least once every 3–5 days.

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