Do you like to draw? I think that drawing is the easiest way to demonstrate one’s creativity. Drawing helps you to develop imagination and after all, it’s just pleasant and relaxing. Do you know how to add up a little bit of magic to your drawings? If the answer was no, I recommend you to watch this video and repeat these incredible crafts after us.

You would love the first idea if you like surprises and cartoons! It’s easy to create an animated drawing. At first, such a picture seems ordinary, but if you unfold the sheet of paper, you’ll see a completely different picture. Try to combine two pictures in one and tell us about the result. You can surprise your friends by showing them such pictures. Believe me, everyone couldn’t stop laughing when I showed them such pictures. They are just too hilarious and surprising! You can also make a cool cartoon yourself using such pictures – just check out our awesome talking cat in this video!

Try to give your imagination a boost with editing photographs…without a computer! Just print out the pictures that you want to upgrade and don’t stop your creativity. Check out what we’ve turned those cats and dogs into! And the picture with a girl and a goat is definitely my favorite! You can make a memory wall using such pictures with some added details. It’s way cooler than a regular photo album.

Everyone loves soap bubbles. But who knew that you can actually paint with bubbles! All you have to do is mixing some paint with some dishwashing soap. Blow a couple of bubbles on a sheet of paper and see what you can turn the spots into – we turned them into a flock of balloons. What’s your choice?

Do you know what happens if you mix shaving foam, glue, and food coloring? You get cool 3D puffy paint! Watch the video until the end and find out how to draw perfect circles without a compass.


3:06 – Editing photos without Photoshop
6:17 – Soap bubble painting
7:20 – Shaving foam painting
12:45 – How to draw a circle without a compass

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Just a figment of your imagination.