Choose the Position You Like to Sit In, and I’ll Say Everything About You

Choose the Position You Like to Sit In, and I’ll Say Everything About You

How to Find Out More About Yourself. Everyone has their preferred sitting position. You might find it insignificant, but in fact, it can reveal a lot of surprising facts about your character and even more about the hidden parts of your personality. Take this unusual personality test to get to know yourself better.

#1. Sitting upright 0:32
#2. Leaning back while sitting 1:23
#3. Leaning forward while sitting 2:16
#4. Sitting with your legs together 3:07
#5. Sitting with your ankles crossed 4:00
#6. Sitting with your legs crossed 4:49
#7. Sitting with your arms crossed 5:44
#8. Sitting with your hands wedged between your legs 6:39
#9. Sitting with your hands on your knees 7:33
#10. Sitting with your hands locked together 8:28

Letter Box – Up Above
Otis McDonald – Stuff
Vibe Mountain – Operatic 3
Huma-Huma – It’s All Happening

-If you usually sit upright, you’re a strong-willed and confident person. You almost never doubt the correctness of your actions and decisions.
-If you tend to lean back while sitting, it means that you’re a deeply sensitive and sympathetic person. You never remain indifferent to other people’s feelings.
-If you sit leaning forward a bit, you can be characterized as someone who gets carried away easily. That’s because you’re interested in a variety of things.
-People who like to sit with their legs together usually give the wrong first impression. At first glance, they may seem cold-hearted, but the truth is that you’ll discover how kind and sincere they are as you get to know them more.
-If you feel most comfortable when you cross your ankles while sitting, it means that you’re a purposeful person who often shows pronounced leadership skills.
-If you usually sit with your legs crossed, you can hardly be called a confident person. You’re modest and even shy, often feeling embarrassed in front of strangers.
-If you tend to cross your arms while sitting, you’re a serious person with a strong character. You rarely allow yourself to joke, pull pranks, or play games, preferring a more mature outlook on life.
-If you sit with your hands wedged between your legs, you’re very gentle, sensitive, and good-natured. You’re a pure soul, always wishing the best for other people.
-If sitting with your hands on your knees is your most comfortable sitting position, it reveals that you’re an obvious leader and a bold and confident person who clearly demonstrates this to others.
-If you love sitting with your hands locked together, you’re most probably very emotional, impulsive, open, and amiable. You follow your heart and let your intuition guide you through life.

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