JOHN PARK’S WORKSHOP LIVE 4/4/18 @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

JOHN PARK'S WORKSHOP LIVE 4/4/18  @adafruit @johnedgarpark #adafruit

Multistreaming with

Episode #184 – CAD and Prototypes

Today’s coupon code ITSYBITSY gets you 10% off your order! #3DPrinting

LED Trampoline – Preview

Itsybitsy board

3 meter neopixel LED – 30 per meter
Vibration Sensor – Easy trigger

Impossible D20

USB Joystick Mouse

Case for ItsyBitsy

Adafruit Fusion 360 Parts on GitHub

Circuit Python – Essentials Guide

Discord Meeting every Monday 2pm ET

Balloon Boat

Contest Pinshape Cosplay:

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