Pure shape key animation in Unity – tutorial

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Pure shape key animation in Unity - tutorial

Previous video: https://youtu.be/1Zqy5GhUV-Q

In the previous video I showed how to combine shape key animation with a standard armature animation.

In this video I show how you can achieve a pure shape key animation, within Unity, without using an armature applied to your model.

Some things to note:
1) You can’t create shape key animations in Unity if the mesh already has an armature applied to it. The armature overrides any control over the shape keys so you can’t add them to a mechanim clip.

2) You can control the shape keys via code instead, if you wish. This could be useful if you wanted to apply damage to a car model, for example, by having a few different dent shape keys that you gradually increase as the car takes damage. You wouldn’t want to do that using an animation clip.

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