NEW Crazy 3D Printing T-shirt Stencils!

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NEW Crazy 3D Printing T-shirt Stencils!

I hope you are doing great! I had this idea of 3D printing stencils to use for spray painting t-shirts a while back, but I never got around actually making a video. But I couldn’t hold it any longer and decided to get some good paints, spray glue and found some cool pictures to convert into stencils.

I used Adobe Illustrator to convert the image to a SVG format for the Fusion 360 software to recognize. I made the stencil 0.4mm thick, so the 3D printer would only have to do 2 layers. This was a great match as the stencil kept being very flexible but still blocking paint to go through.

The 3M spray glue adhesive worked great, though it was $30, but it kept the stencil in place and was still quite easy to remove when the spray print was finished. I noticed that the quality of the t-shirt played a huge part wether the paint would stick or not, so make sure you get some decent one’s.

The results just blew my mind, and peeling off the stencil to reveal your work is an amazing feeling. You should try it!

Find images here:

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