In loving memory – Mosfet the cat 2001 – 2018 @adafruit #askanengineer

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In loving memory - Mosfet the cat 2001 - 2018 @adafruit #askanengineer

Mosfet the cat passed away last night, Ladyada & pt were present, he passed peacefully, without pain. Mosfet was a wonderful cat and helped us every single day, including helping us say goodbye to him together. There was not a day he wasn’t helping us in his own cat way. He was over 17+ years old.

Mosfet was a black “hard to adopt” rescue cat that no one wanted, we think he was thrown away in a garbage bag before he was adopted due his fear of garbage bags in any form (he eventually got over it).

Ladyada adopted him, Mosfet went to MIT, and made an adafruit with Ladyada and with pt. Mosfet was the part of our shows for the last 10 or so years, making an appearance live when Adafruit was an apartment company and recently on Desk of Ladyada. There wasn’t an electronic design that he didn’t stop by at Ladyada’s desk to check out what she was doing. Mosfet was up at 5am everyday with pt helping to run Adafruit in his own cat way, every day on his lap, at night hanging out with Ladyada.

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