Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith and 3D Printers Giveaway!

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith and 3D Printers Giveaway!

Thanks to each and everyone of you for subscribing. 2X Tornado, 3X CR-10S, 1X Rick and 1X Morty — Let me know in the comments which one you want! I will randomly, by using a comment randomizer, pick the winners so everyone has the same opportunity to win. Good luck and have an awesome day!
Contest starts: 2018-02-18
Contest ends: 2018-02-28

Retail price of each prize:
Creality CR-10S = $490 x3
TEVO Tornado = $440 x2
Rick Sanchez = Personal value
Morty Smith = Personal value

Total retail price: $2350 + personal value

Creality CR-10S: https://goo.gl/HcepCy
TEVO Tornado: https://goo.gl/dghvxS
Rick Sanchez: https://youtu.be/_K78LcYzmEo
Morty Smith: https://youtu.be/r6tZkfb2BFI

This contest is available worldwide and everyone can join for free. Make sure you are aware of your local lottery laws!

Official rules:

1? You must abide by the YouTube Community Guidelines. Entries which don’t comply will be disqualified. https://www.youtube.com/yt/policyands…

2? YouTube is not a sponsor of this giveaway.

3? Privacy Notice – Information obtained from participants will not be sold, shared, distributed, or used for any solicitation or other contest/giveaway without consent by the participant.

4? RCLifeOn retain the right to disqualify participants from the giveaway due to any inappropriate conduct, rules violations, inappropriate entry name, cheating, or other attempt to violate the good nature of the giveaway. They also retain the right to disqualify a winner if said winner fails to claim the prize in a reasonable amount of time.

5? RCLifeOn disclaim to pay all customs fees that may apply to collect the prize.


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