AWESOME Darth Vader LED Lamp – Laser Engraved

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AWESOME Darth Vader LED Lamp - Laser Engraved

Today I’m working with the laser feature of the 3-in-1 Snapmaker machine. It can do 3D printing, CNC and laser engraving which
can be quite useful. The laser proved to work great on a sheet of plywood, with the laser focused correctly and the power at 100% it was able to do it fairly quickly. Darth Vader from Star Wars is iconic, so why wouldn’t you want him as a night light? Even though the laser is only 200mW (yes, not 500mW as advertised) it managed to engrave acrylic, and Darth Vader will now always protect me during sleep. Haha, hope you enjoyed today’s video, have an awesome day!

Snapmaker’s website:

You can download the software here, you will have to contact Snapmaker in order to create an account:

Here’s a few cool pictures you could laser engrave:

ItΒ΄s True – Dj Quads

Canon 80D
GoPro Hero 5 black

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