6 DIY Desk Organization and Decor Ideas For Winter – Winter Style Desk Decorations and Organizers

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6 DIY Desk Organization and Decor Ideas For Winter – Winter Style Desk Decorations and Organizers

With this DIY video I open my DIY Winter series Winter With Idunn – Episode 1: Winter Desk Decor and Organization 🙂 In this video I show how to decorate you desk with silver, white and holographic DIY projects.

Winter is the season when I feel myself in harmony with nature. And I bloom with ideas LOL 🙂 So I’ve decided to make a series of winter videos full of beautiful original DIYs.

For the episode #1 I’ve chosen a desk organization theme. Because first of all I prefer to decorate the space where I spend most of time.

For the color palette I chose white and silver as domination colors, holographic as a midtone between silver and spectrum colors, and as an accent (emphasis) warm shades of pink and peachy.

I start with a DIY Snowballs Pencil Holders. You will need a glass bubble bowl (vase), plastic bottle and plastic artificial snow. Super easy and super adorable DIY 🙂 I recommend to make at least two “snowballs” and better of different sizes.

The second DIY is a Gift Bow or Snowflakes Coasters. Something in-between LOL 🙂 For these casters I used white felt and white curly ribbon (3 cm wide). It is festive and elegant at once 🙂

Next – DIY Frost Pattern Candle Jar. Everything is very simple – a glass and white permanent marker. Oh, and one rhinestone for the dot over “i” letter 🙂 So tender!

The fourth DIY project is a Holographic Noticeboard. Super simple but looks stunning. If you don’t have a holographic paper (as I did when I film the video) you can use an old holographic paper bag. Write notes with whiteboard marker or stick post-it-notes with reminders or just motivation quotes. And yes, I’ve added curly frost patterns to the opposite corners as I drew on the previous DIY candle jar for better match 🙂

And the sixth DIY is an easy but super useful stationery organizer made of flatware tray (cutlery divider). Very simple idea, but looks and works perfect! 🙂

Have fun! And see you on the episode #2 😉

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