"There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it."

Planting Bonsai Trees in My 3D Printed Pots, Part 1, Jan 2018

Today in the Bonsai Zone, I’m inspired by the giant cement bonsai pots from Vietnam, I model a pot up on my computer and 3D print a miniature version for my bonsai trees. It’s time to pick out the trees I’ll be planting into my…

Photography and a New Year’s Workout, in the Bonsai Zone, Jan 2018

An early start to season 5 of the Bonsai Zone, with a cold, but wonderful walk in the woods! It really put me and my Canon T5i to the test with today’s video in -22 C weather! Music by Jo San Productions…..

Creating a Schefflera Banyan Style Bonsai, Nov 2017 – YouTube

Today in the Bonsai Zone, I show the creation of a “Banyan style” Schefflera arboricola bonsai, in my demo at the Misseto bonsai society. My Schefflera was started the same way 20 years ago and has been styled using clip and grow ever since. This…

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