"There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it."

Creepy Minion Costumes at Monsterpalooza 2018!

Effects artist and creature fabricator Pat Magee makes incredible costumes for his twin boys every year. For this past Monsterpalooza, he unveiled his twisted take on creepy minions! We chat with Pat about the costumes he makes for his kids, as well as a Beetlejuice…

DIY LED Trampoline // NeoPixels and Circuit Python

These NeoPixels makes you wanna jump! Learn how to upgrade a cheap trampoline with interactive NeoPixel LEDs. Use Adafruits ItsyBitsy and a vibration sensor to make a trampoline light up when you jump on it. Get the full source files, code, and step by step…

Improving 360 Video with Stabilization and Tracking

We’re not convinced that 360-degree video shooting makes sense for people watching content on their phones, but the latest update for the Insta360 One camera has us giving it another chance. Their new stabilization algorithm is impressive, and subject tracking in the app makes this…

Broken Nerd: Making a Puppet

In a completely different kind of project, Darrell Maloney of Broken Nerd makes a beautiful hand puppet from raw material. More from Broken Nerd: Video shot by Lance Williams with WhosJohnnyCreative Instagram/FaceBook/Twitter: @whosjohnnycreative

Tinkercad Custom Shapes 3D Printing Design Tutorial for Beginners

Chuck introduces you to a new feature in Tinkercad that makes creating custom shapes much easier and saves you time when doing 3D print designs. He also shows you a couple other somewhat hidden features that help speed things up when modifying a 3D design….

CR-10 Mini 3D Printer – Four Simple Modifications – YouTube

Chuck makes some modifications to his CR-10 Mini 3D printer. Each has a purpose and are easy to 3D print and install. He shows you step by step how he updated his CR-10 Mini with these modifications found on Thingiverse. The CR-10 Mini is a…

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