"There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it."

How To Make A Donut Jewelry Box Out Of Hot Glue – DIY Hot Glue Donut Jewelry Organizer

Super cute DIY doughnut made using Hot Glue Gun (hot melt adhesive). And it is not just a donut, but a DIY jewelry box! All you need to make this jewelry organizer (with lid) is a hot glue gun. And few more things LOL: a…

DIY Phone Grips – How To Make Cute Bunny, Donut and Butterfly Popsockets For Your Smartphone

Easy DIY phone grips, popsockets and holders – Fluffy Bunny, Stuffed Donut and Clear Glitter Butterfly. Every of these grips can be removed without damaging your phone or phone case. First DIY tutorial is a Fluffy Bunny popsocket grid. You can use it as a…

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