"There are three ways to get something done: do it yourself, hire someone, or forbid your kids to do it."

Wireless Qi Charger for Tesla Model 3

Today we’re going to show you how we built a custom Qi charging pad for the Tesla model 3. Behind our 3d printed mat is a wireless charging transmitter. So now we can easily charge our devices without having to plug them into the console….

Tinkercad Custom Shapes 3D Printing Design Tutorial for Beginners

Chuck introduces you to a new feature in Tinkercad that makes creating custom shapes much easier and saves you time when doing 3D print designs. He also shows you a couple other somewhat hidden features that help speed things up when modifying a 3D design….

Circuit Cookie Roller – YouTube

Bake custom shaped cookies with crisp details! These cookies have patterned traces and sharp edges make that just look amazing! To make the patterns, we 3D printed our rolling pin with an embossed pattern. This was designed to be a sleeve that fits over a…

CNC a Painters Box using Easel and X-Carve CNC – YouTube

Chuck used his Inventables X-Carve and Easel software to cut a custom design into his wife’s Painters Box. The design was imported into and then set to cut at a very fine depth. He then had to flip the cover because he cut it…

Custom Christmas Gift Tags – Using Fusion 360, Prusa Multi Material, & Inventables Carvey CNC – YouTube

How to use Fusion 360 to create your own CUSTOM gift tags you can 3d print YOURSELF! It’s easy! Follow the tutorial, make some for your Christmas gifts, and let me know how they turn out! Get the files! Get an Inventables Carvey CNC…

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