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Animating Stop-Motion Characters at Aardman Animations

Adam Savage visits the animation offices at Aardman, where Will Becher, Animation Director of Early Man walks us through the development of the film’s characters. We learn how the personalities of the characters were developed, brought to life, and kept consistent through the filming process….

The Clay in Stop-Motion Animation at Aardman Studios – YouTube

Just what kind of sculpting material is used in making the stop-motion animation characters at Aardman Animations? Adam Savage investigates as he visits the studio’s materials lab to get his hands on this iconic modelling clay. Watch the trailer for Aardman Animations’ Early Man here:…

How to MAKE A VIDEO GAME without coding – 2D Platformer – Construct 3 Tutorial For Beginners – YouTube

Download Game Template: Game Character ANIMATION Course: Try Game: Hey, I will show you how to make a video game without coding. The 2D Platformer game is created in Construct 3. The tutorial is beginner friendly and very easy. Make your game…

Characters in Space Animation – AFTER EFFECTS TUTORIAL – YouTube

👉👉👉 GET MY STUFF AND SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: Hey, I present you the characters in space animation tutorial. The after effects tutorial it’s simple and full of useful stuff. I will show you how to create the astronaut character motion graphics movement, small alien…

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