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3D Printed Electric Skateboard Tires – DRIVE ANYWHERE!

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3D Printed Electric Skateboard Tires - DRIVE ANYWHERE!

This was crazy! Riding this 4WD electric skateboard with the off-road 3D printed tires is SO much fun! The all-wheel drive worked perfectly, I rarely spun out and the acceleration was about 2X! The flexible TPU material felt very much like rubber and the traction was insane!

I used Fusion 360 to design the tire, and with a very basic shape it didn’t take too long before I could begin using the TEVO Black Widow to 3D print four tires. With an inner diameter of 92mm the 3D printed
tires had such a tight fit I had to hammer them in place, and to my surprise they stayed in place without any glue!

Landwheel was generous to send me their upgraded electric skateboard with an extra drive kit, that enabled me to convert the electric skateboard to a 4 wheel-drive. After waterproofing the electronics and joining the two controllers with a 3D printed holder, the board had a all up weight of 12kg or 26,5lbs.

3D printer used to make the skateboard tires:
Coupon code: TevoBlackWidow

A 3D printer good for everything else:
Coupon code: 11CR10EU

Cheap TPU flexible filament:

Off-road tires STL files:

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