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5 DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts – Easy And Cute DIY Gift Ideas

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5 DIY Valentine's Day Gifts – Easy And Cute DIY Gift Ideas

My new DIY Valentine video tutorial where I show how to make easy and quick gifts for The One you love 🙂 DIY Lace-Heart Garland, DIY Heart-Folded Socks, DIY Heart Notebook, DIY Heart-Shaped Ring Organizer and DIY Nail Polish Decoration 🙂

Number one – DIY Lace Heart Garland. You will need a paper and an imagination 🙂 I show two patterns of those hearts, but you can try something new. Cut triangles, rounds, lines… Every heart will be unique! You can make a garland with hearts or make just one as a Valentine greeting card 😉

The next DIY gift idea is very simple but absolutely gorgeous :))) Socks folded like a heart 🙂 Socks are a great and always-on-time gift ever. But if you’ll fold them as I show in the video – they will look more romantic than usual. I put a small Valentine card (“We match each other perfectly”) into one sock 😉 but it is not necessary if you don’t think the one you will give it is your perfect match lol

The third DIY project is a heart-shaped cover for notebook. I use acrylic felt – pink and blue, hot glue and ribbon. Why I always use synthetic fibers felt – because no animal should suffer for craft and for any reason at all! You can make this cover out of all jeans (dark color instead of blue felt, and back side (lighter) for the “heart”). Just harden the denim fabric with starch first.

DIY number 4 – DIY Jewelry (Rings and Stud Earrings) Organizer (or holder). Super easy. You’ll need just a cardboard, card stock, glue and piece of fabric (I used polyester fleece, but you can use an old towel, scarf or any thick soft fabric 🙂

And the fifth DIY is a way to decorate nail polish set as a Valentine’s Day gift. I use four nail polish colors (for the word “love”) but you can use three (I “heart” U) or just one with a heart shape 🙂 The main idea is to make an adorable gift out of regular (but useful) things. I don’t use special packing stuff – just the one everyone can find at home. Hope it will help!


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