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5 DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas – How To Decorate Your Room (Winter Style)

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5 DIY Winter Room Decor Ideas – How To Decorate Your Room (Winter Style)

In the 3rd episode of Winter With Idunn series I show five easy Winter style DIY projects: DIY Frosted Lantern, DIY Silver Beaded Clock, DIY Frozen Mirror, DIY Silver Tree Noticeboard and DIY Glass Jewelry Boxes 🙂

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I start with absolutely adorable DIY “Frosted” Lantern. I am seriously obsessed with this project. So beautiful 🙂 You will need 4 photo frames with glass (make sure it is real glass, not acrylic glass), white acrylic paint (or just buy 4 white frames lol), white glue (also known as school glue or PVA glue) and salt. I use microwave oven for this project. But you can dry it with hair dryer. If you will let it dry itself, it will take a long time and the salt will not crystallize as good as in my video 🙂 I tried.

The next DIY is a Silver Beaded Wall Clock and DIY clock stand if you want to put it on the table (as I did). You will need a paper plate (mine was 23 cm in diameter), silver Christmas bead chain garland (about 3 m). double-sided tape and cheap or old wall clock. Super easy and super beautiful.

The third – DIY Mirror with Frosty Patterns. I use silver glitter nail polish for this project. I like how the result looks (shimmering and tender) and the mirror is easy to wash.

For the fourth DIY – Silver Firtree Noticeboard (pin board) – I used old camping mat with aluminum foil (insulating cover). It is easy to find, it is cheap and if you don’t do exercises or go camping – you can make adorable noticeboard 🙂

The fifth DIY decoration – useful and beautiful jewelry boxes (or organizers) that look like ice cubes 🙂 You will need 2 identical glass bowls (I used 2 square glass bowls and 2 small round ones). And I show two ways to attach the “lid” – with washi tape and with a hinge and super glue 🙂

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